Company Profile & History

Vidhata – The enterprise behind InterWood – Ply Ka Boss.

The idea was to exemplify and extendexcellence, quality & efficiency to people lives. When we began in 1971, we were small, very small. But since then, this company has left is footmarks of success into many trades and industries. With robust track record of always deploying best available technology, this company has always made its strength and presence felt in every market of its operation. Vidhata is now a name synonymous with unparalleled quality, credibility, trust and goodwill.

Who We Are


Since its inception in 1971, Vidhata has been bringing human insight to business to delight and deliver beyond expectation. The company has a rich history. In a typical Indian family style, this business was also thought-of and started with very humble beginnings at its core. But as and how, each effort of the promoter’s reaped some good harvests, they were ploughed back with a mindset of developing and incubating a successful, self-sustaining business entity with revised larger goals, missions and visions.

A very key ideology behind developing and enhancing the size and area of operation was to build a business enterprise which could create and sustain value, employ and nurture people, talent and make a meaningful difference to lives of all stakeholders whether these were blue collar or white collar members of the company.

As a management thinker says, the culture always flows from the top. So is the DNA at Vidhata. The management thinks of people as the core asset of itself and people hold the foremost priority at Vidhata. Its people who makes this company for what it is today.