Manufacturing Facility

At InterWood plant, we continuously strive to create value and exceed customer’s expectations in quality, delivery and cost effectiveness through continuous product innovation and cutting edge technologies.

In line with our mission to deliver superlative plywood range, Vidhata commissioned state-of-the-art manufacturing unit spread across spread over 7 Acres with a scheduled manufacturing capacity of 3.6 crore square feet per annum at Village Bija, District Ludhiana, Punjab.

  • There is a fully equipped in-house production process, monitored right from first stage of raw material processing to finishing of the product. The complete process is carried out on automatized machines.
  • A fully equipped testing laboratory with Pressure Testing & Endurance Test machines rigorously tests out the product for its strength and longevity commitments.
  • Advanced in-house Glue Manufacturing facility provides consistent, tested, high quality glue and resin for superior bonding and longer life of plywood.
  • Amongst many first, this plant implements ECS – Extra Compression System, a technology which promises to pack in extra wood in same thickness, and thus delivers plywood with class-leading density and strength.
  • Dual Temperature Pressing, guarantees that the before hot pressing, the glue, resin and protective chemicals have percolated to molecular depths of core layers, before baking the final bond.
  • Surface Levelling Cipher is an advanced additional process which removes impurities from the top visible layers, before the plywood is moved into final sanding and finishing process.
  • The products manufactured are randomly subjected to various tests such as Warp test, Nail Holding test, Termite test, Moisture & Boiling Water tests, Sheer Strength tests.

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