InterDeco – Teak Veneers

The subtlety and the reassuring class which the Burmese Teak Veneers has been offering to discerning buyer has always remain unmatched. Teak Veneers has always offered its designers unmatched grooming and finishing options in the form of standard polishing, melamine or high-gloss finish and hence have established themselves as uncrowned king of elite decorative interiors.
InterDeco – Teak range from InterWood, promises to deliver the exception quality and finish that the uncomprising you is looking for. Coupled with the promise of Vidhata, you and your designer can rest assured that you are buying nothing but the best quality veneer sourced straight from origins of Burma.

InterDeco – Natural Veneer Range

We recognize the bountiful gift of nature and are committed to preserve its exquisite beauty and elegance. InterDeco veneers are prepared from a tasteful selection of the finest breeds of wood, each discerningly handpicked and intricately refined to articulate the true essence and splendour of nature. Enjoy an exquisite collection of exotic species and countless composite veneers. Our superb range of veneers is defect-free, versatile and unparalleled in consistency of grain, color and ofcourse beauty.
Along with superior aesthetics, InterDeco veneers also come with the triple power advantage of InterWood Plus plywood and promises complete peach of mind.
With this impeccable combination of the finest veneers and the strongest plywood, it’s obvious to have a beautiful affair with your interiors.
Get in touch with us or download the InterDeco catalog and see how InterDeco will be new love of your life.

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