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InterDoor from InterWood is blockbuster door range, and offers an extensive range of ready-made door options for retail and project buyers. To either segment of buyer, it offers exceptional value and quality. Traditional door making by on-site craftsmen can’t match up to hi-tech machine made doors in terms of quality, consistency and speed and hence provides a strong case in case of time-bound small / medium / large projects. Vidhata is perhaps the only company with such a large offering in doors product category. InterDoor is available in an exhaustive range of options such as Plain Doors, Veneer Doors, Decorative Doors, Laminate Doors, Grooved Doors, Honey Cell Doors and Cut-Out Doors.

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Usage & Consumption
Commercial complexes, residences, education institutes, hospitals, offices, retail facilities, hotels etc.
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Top grade imported Pine

Key characteristics

Boiling Water Proof, Borer Proof, Termite Resistant, Extra Compression System – ECS, Dual Temperature Pressing – DTP, Surface Levelling Cipher - SLC


25 mm, 30 mm, 35mm, 38 mm, 40 mm


Custom dimensions as per site requirements

Quality Certifications

Environment Friendliness & Certifications

Environment Friendliness & Certifications

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